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Abrahamic Insider Membership Virtual Workshop 

The Abrahamic Insider Membership (AIM)  virtual workshop for the month of December is on!  This month, we are sharing with the AIM community insider ideas and strategies you need to get started this month to position yourself for a strong 2023 start in trading. This is no stock market trading, it is indeed Money-growing practices, and steps.

Abrahamic Insiders! The December Virtual Workshop Videos are now available to watch with your family. This is non-technical and not related to your financial markets stock training, this is applicable wealth-growing lessons for Abrahamic traders, and actionable items to execute this month. 

The goal is for you to diversify and we share lessons from the paths we have walked. 

Abrahamic Topics Covered 

Video 1: Getting the best out of your AIM

Video 2: The Seller Mindset and How Singapore was Built by a Sales-Minded Leader

Video 3: The Trader Mindset Vs the Crumbling Business Owner Mindset

Video 4: How we got into selling construction materials - When opportunity meets divine purpose, how to find an option and act on it as time is of the essence. We spent 3 months selling in this market. 

Video 5: Learning from us: how we got our products into grocery stores, starting with $500, and received an order of 40,000 QTY in 7 weeks.

Video 6: Money strategies and Margins in Supplying/Manufacturing: Getting payments as a supplier on time - the strategy 

Video 7: Mobile finance opportunities

Video 8: Mobile workplaces opportunities

The Virtual workshop videos require the Abrahamic Insider Membership to access.  

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