Abrahamic Trader Course   

This Abrahamic Trader Education prepares you to become an economy-builder, using the Abrahamic-tested models. The Abrahamic Trader course combines Stock Market education with generational-wealth building education, developing you to grow your personal or family economy within and beyond the financial markets. 



Build Generational Wealth, Become an Economy-Builder, Money-Grower with the ABRAHAMIC TRADER COURSE

This Abrahamic Trader Education prepares you to become an economy-builder, using the Abrahamic-tested models. Starting with the Stock markets, learn to grow your personal or family wealth and the diversification outside of the stock market. We're in a window in time where God is raising Kingdom Traders to enter into the abrahamic covenant in the marketplace.

The Abrahamic Trader is designed to equip trading leaders with practical, strategic trading to build a steady business in trading. This course is taught based on experiential knowledge and from Biblical and prophetic perspective to equip leaders for the next shift and move in the marketplace. The Abrahamic Trader Course assumes participants have no prior knowledge of trading and prepare traders to gain an edge through sound trading competency development, trading business and management development, and strong risk management and sound judgment and decision making skills.

Audience: Abrahamic Traders come from all types of backgrounds especially go by titles like



Family Businesses

 Stay-at-home parents

Part-timers/Student Traders

Looking for a profitable side-venture as you grow in your career

Learning Expectations

At the end of the Abrahamic Trader course, you will  

1. Learn the underlying frameworks of investing

2. Develop and become proficient in your trading strategies

3. Evaluate risks, and master techniques to lower investment risks

4. Have a go-to-market strategy for steady income from investment

5. Launch a strong and sound investing business using the right frameworks

6. Learn how investors safely earn up to $2000 daily in trading 

Learning Format 

Our format is a mix of self-paced study with a scheduled live-trade session with your instructor after completion of the learning threshold.

100% Online 

Templates provided 

Videos lessons and e-books provided

Coursework in UP Learning Portals  

The Abrahamic Trader Course combines stock trading with generational-wealth building education and models. 



Curriculum to Gets You Hands-On

1. Introduction to Abrahamic Model Investments

2. Trading Systems

3. Candle Sticks

4. Creating Your Unique and Own Prophetic Trading Rules

5. Trading Portfolio Management

6. Advanced Candlestick Techniques

7. Elements of Time, Forecasting and Prophetic Landscapes in Trading

Learn Generational-Wealth Building from a Biblical Perspective

7. Elements of Time, Forecasting and Prophetic Landscapes in Trading

8. Indicators and Patterns

9. Starting a Trading Business and Setting Up a Trading Business

10. Managing a Trading Business

11. Diversification - Industry Explorations

12. Models of Generational Wealth

Practicum - Tools, Templates, Management Aids
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$4444.00 USD: Discount: Get a 10% discount when you make a full one-time payment 

squirrel_01Flexible Payments

Payment Plans are available: 3 PaymentsAn initial deposit of $1000 deposits and 2 Payments. 

Questions? Email hello@abrahamictraders.com for details.
squirrel_01Refund Information

All registration and payment are final. This course offers no refunds.

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