The patriarch Abraham was the greatest trader of all time. Abrahamic traders are economy-builders who are skilled at cultivating generational wealth. Abraham was one of the earliest explorers to travel into unknown territories through undefined paths, becoming the world's most successful trader that has ever lived. 

 His footprints have become the light to those who share the calling of igniting economies and building lasting generational wealth to navigate through life's complex patterns and time series.  Abraham's success was replicated by Isaac, then by Jacob and now by the nation of Israel. Founded by Abraham, Israel is the world's innovation hub made possible by Abraham’s footprints, his mastery of trade, and innovation. 

Abrahamic Trader Book

An Adventure to Discover the Trader Within

Quite a handful  of America's top tier innovation was created by an Israeli company before getting acquired by an American company. The Abrahamic methods of generational-wealth building are still applicable today, and highly relevant in the financial markets, family businesses, retail, e-commerce, and all industries. Ebenezer & Abigail Gabriels share practical steps in their new business book - Abrahamic Trader - The Abrahamic Model for Building Generational Wealth.   The ABRAHAMIC TRADER will lead you on an adventure to discover the trader within. 

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