How to Grow Money during Inflation

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Before we welcomed the first Abrahamic Traders summer of 2022, we heard the Lord say loudly and clearly in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 that the time was approaching to educate others on the need and path to building parallel kingdom-based economies.   

 This assignment is major because building economies requires mental strength, faith, and finance. Lacking the latter desecrates the former, but God provides a simple fix, in plain sight, for those whose inner ears are quick to listen, and hearts quick to obey. 

Abrahamic assignments are all about obedience, hard work, and obeying when God says "get up" or "sit down".  Now is another time in history, that God has spoken about. That monster, INFLATION that has been forecasted is here, and the world is screaming it right now. 

Inflations are divine opportunities for financial resets, shifts, alignment, and a time to keep your eye open, and your resources ready. Inflation is a monster seeking to deplete your cash, so never take the bait of careless spending.

Inflation is a devourer! Inflation consumes the consumer! The #1 to fight the devourer is to avoid consumerism! We cannot avoid food, shelter, and clothing, that's right. Live simply, and avoid the chances of inflation devouring your money drastically reduced. 

 In times of inflation, think of your cash as a seed, do not allow your cash to be consumed by a consumerism lifestyle, which consumes unnecessarily.  Consumerism can be thought of as any bad spending that burns up your cash.  

During inflation, how you invest your time matters. Do not invest your time in enterprises that reverse you back into the past. There's no point in waiting your time to go get the WRONG DEGREE that will be irrelevant to the money you have saved.  Plant it in the right investments, and the harvests will surprise you.  

Times of inflation is the time of planting seeds.  It's not the time to "eat up your seeds", in other words, not the time to allow your money to be consumed.  Career changers must act fast during inflation. Get future-proof education,  purge junk out of your mind, clean up your mind, and be refreshed. If you're in business, you must learn fast and really fast.  


#1 Do not go into debt. There's no need to apply for another credit card. 

#2 Get your cash together.  If you do not have cash during inflation, all hope is not lost. You can start with whatever you have! Just get it together, and see what you have.

#3. Many companies are laying off, and one of the best strategies is to become a great contributor at work. Companies will strive to keep their best, with the right character.  If your goal is to remain in the workforce,  be of the best character that reflects Scripturally-prescribed excellence so you're not easily dispensable. Be a blessing to that organization. 

#4. Start stock trading. Stocks are one of the best financial instruments out there and continue to be. Your stock ownership represents your equity in a company. Like every other financial instrument, they come with risks, and with the right risk management techniques, and proper education, you can become a highly profitable trader. You must be highly cautious in these times of inflation, many companies are not where they say they are, and companies are really struggling. Understand fundamental analysis and public sentiments around these companies and make strong decisions.

#5. Learn to negotiate on investment-deals, and buy at the lowest possible. 

#6.  Emerging markets will spring up after the inflation. Some old market players will be "sun-setted)" for good. This is why it's important if you're in school, don't get a degree that's already sun-setted. Getting a sun-settled education is like acting upon expired information which is no longer relevant.

#7. For starters, look into Penny-stock, but tread very carefully.  

#8. Diversify. There are tons of other investment opportunities around you in plain sight, all you need is to open your eyes.

#9. Your mind is one of your greatest assets, in times of inflation, a clogged mind is the killer of ideas. Keep your mind open, so you can find new ways to grow.

#9. It's an amazing time to get an Abrahamic Trading membership to get exclusive emails, tips, and webinar access too!

Post-inflation eras are times when golden ideas deployed in the deeps give birth to strengthened leaders.  Post-inflation is the time to continue expanding what has been built upon.

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